Mother Culture

We begin with Mother Culture.

If mothers are not fed in their hearts and souls, if they are not centered settled in at least some aspects of their selves as persons and as mothers (and if children are born persons then mothers are surely persons also!), if the community does not seek to provide a safety, encouragement and growth (room to fail and encouragement to get up and try again) to mothers then the community cannot model love and relationship for the children.

Most of us were not raised with the tools of habit, of willpower, or taught a language with which to know and describe our inmost selves. Mother Culture asks us to first learn these things ourselves and then to pass them to the children as they have opportunity to see that our feet are set in a “large room”.

What do Mother Culture Meetings look like?

For 2021-2022 the plan is to meet once a month. This gives us 12 meetings a year and we ask that people commit to attend half of them in order to foster the relationships upon which our community depends. At this point we plan to meet in person whenever possible but may go to virtual or a mix if that seems prudent or necessary.

I am planning to hold a mini retreat in August on an evening or for part of a Saturday. This will be held in person and include a meal, speaker, break out discussions, fellowship and prayer. The location will most likely be in Western Massachusetts.

We combine fellowship and learning and commit to staying in touch with one another via email, Facebook, and Instagram, and by writing a note (yes, snail mail!) to one other mother once a month.

The Topics for the next four meetings (April, May, June) are:

  • April Reflections on a Broad and Balanced Education – for Families
  • May- Reflections on Learning and Living in Community
  • June-Round Table Discussion: How Should We Then Live?

For each meeting there will be a packet of readings and a Mother’s Journal. Register here (registration is free at this point there may be a small fee to cover costs of any materials if needed)